BMW social

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PostFinance photo & video pool

for Y&R Wunderman Zurich

EllaOne worldwide stills for film

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Tom Tailor campaign, alongside tvc

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MTV district campaign film & photo



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Rauch Tastea

for Kolle Rebbe

Young and Restless

for Blossom management & Mario Lombardo


call me on my cellphone

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Skate Cuba

for Cuba Skate Organisation

Mezzo Mix

for Coca Cola Company & Plantage

Volkswagen Golf

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personal work

Allianz Mut heisst Machen

for Sir Mary Zurich, Doity

Rio de Janeiro

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Real Deal

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personal work

Volkswagen Financial Services

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fack ju göhte

for Constantin Film

Mercedes Benz Accessoires

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Ocanya Barcelona

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NIKE woman football campaign

for Oliver Voss

Mat Neidhardt lets carefully controlled coincidence shape his spontaneous snaps and stories. With his quick wit, even quicker hand and open spirit, he moves between scenes, people, countries, all types of cameras, and requirements: right at the center of what is happening,he always catches the right moment. Mat specialises in photographing his friends and family. Photographing the people who are close to him gives Mat a chance to explore how—and who—people really are. Using as many as three or four different cameras at once, Mat takes unexpected, unscripted shots that make viewers feel like they are at the party or gathering—rather than on the outside, looking in.

Mat work for brands like AboutYou, Adidas, Asics, Allianz Germany, Allianz Suisse, AXA, Baby Bel, BMW, Bosch, Casio, Coca Cola Company, Deichmann, Danone, Ebay, ARD, E.ON, Fack ju Göhte, FA Henkel, Fanta, Friend Scout, Fishermen Friends, John Player Special, Karstadt Sport, Kärcher, Lätta, LBS, Mercedes Benz, McDonald´s, MTV, Nike, Onitsuka Tiger, Panasonic, PostFinance, Post de Suisse, Puma, RWE, Rauch Eistee, smart, Sony, Tom Tailor, Vodafone, Volkswagen, Volvic, Zalando and many more

For German & Austrian & South Africa commercial enquiries please request with Emeis Deubel,

Michaelkirchstraße 1210179 Berlin, Germany
T. +49 30 405 76 80 - 0F. +49 30 405 76 80 - 20

For Switzerland enquiries please request with Tina Aich

Tina Aich Production AG
Ankerstrasse 3
8004 Zürich, Switzerland
T: +41 44 350 34 24

For all other countries Mat is looking for new partners.

Feel free to contact: